Trummens Strand

Trummens Strand

Trummens Strand

Urban quarter on the isthmus between Trummen and Växjösjön with the best possible view of the lake.

In line with Växjö's focus on wooden houses, the buildings have been built entirely in wood and the presence of wood is tangible. The buildings have a solid wood frame, the facades are clad in wood panels and inside the apartments there are visible wooden structures and carpentry.

The block consists of three houses, where the front has generous balconies, facing directly onto the water. The houses are built around a common courtyard with plenty of space to play and socialize. The homes are designed for the modern, urban way of life, and each apartment has both a study and large living areas, allowing for a good balance between work and family life.

The use of a solid wood frame provides many benefits for both the environment and the residents. For the environment, the most obvious benefit is that solid wood is a completely natural and renewable material. For the residents, one of the benefits is that solid wood has a density that keeps the indoor temperature stable, resulting in a healthier indoor climate and good sound insulation.

To maximize the sea view from the apartments, FOJAB has developed the so-called View Machine, which shows how much view each apartment has and also provides a kind of grading of the quality of the view. Each apartment has been designed to maximize the sea view and the design of the apartments has been influenced by the results of the View Machine.

The block consists of three buildings with condominium apartments, with living areas ranging from 76 to 170 square meters, a two-storey preschool with lake views, a community room and student apartments with separate entrances directly from the street, providing a vibrant street life.

Växjö municipality's Wooden Building Award 2019
Nominated for the Building Award in Växjö 2019
Nominated for the SAJK Architecture Prize 2019

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Facts and figures

Project name
Trummens Strand



22 200 m²
144 apartments

Completed, 2020

Contact person
Stefan Johansson
+46 706 - 64 23 02

Project team

Stefan Johansson
Architect MSA, Creative Director

Joachim Lundquist
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Architecture

Niklas Sonestad
Architect MSA/MAA, Deputy Studio Manager

Ida Stavenow
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Mathias Åström
Architect SAR/MSA

Anders Bergön