Designing someone's home is the finest task an architect can have. We manage it and treat it with reverence, joy and curiosity.

In residential architecture, we deal with both the large and small dimensions, all the mishaps and joys of everyday life. Here, people encounter architecture every day.

We know that residential architecture isn't just designed from the inside out - the architectural approach and character of the building is just as important as smart layouts. We work on the interplay between the two, weaving together the small dimensions of homes with the big ideas to create buildings that both residents and passers-by can be proud of.

FOJAB has been working in residential architecture since its inception and has a long history of repeat clients, a broad portfolio of completed projects of all scales and a large number of competition wins as colorful feathers in its cap.

We can provide competent support from the initial idea to the ready-to-move-in home. We work in tight teams and small project groups that follow the project from start to finish.

We also work with mixed-use programs that combine housing with preschools, parking or offices, and buildings that can be converted between different programs. We design homes for all people and for all stages of life.