We are FOJAB.

For us, architecture is an opportunity for change and a positive force in the transition to a sustainable society.

FOJAB is one of Sweden's leading architectural firms. Our head office is located at Möllevången in Malmö and we also have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsingborg. We are about 150 colleagues with different skills, experiences and personalities who together develop architecture and each other.

We celebrate the individual, but understand that it is the collective that creates wonders. We know that different perspectives are needed, we help and support each other. We want everyone to thrive. We are the big office that feels like the small one.

The office started in Lund in 1971 by architects Keith Foster and Mats Jacobsson, driven by a genuine interest in the power of architecture to change society and people's conditions. It is an attitude that still characterizes our work today.


Today the company is employee-owned, the company has grown and we work at all stages and on all scales - always with a focus on using architecture to drive the development of a sustainable society for people, animals and nature.

For us, it is curiosity, creativity, trust and relationships that create the conditions for real development. To find new solutions to complex problems, we like to collaborate with academia, industry, organizations and networks. Because we know that together we can achieve more.

Selected awards