We are all different, with different wants and needs when it comes to our housing. This is true at all stages of life. We create homes that promote quality of life, health and independence throughout life.

How do we want to live as we age? How can we adapt the housing stock for the future as the proportion of older people increases? More older people today have an active lifestyle with many interests and a rich social life. Therefore, different types of housing adapted to different people are needed. We want to challenge the way we live and build and create living environments that suit multiple generations and different needs.

The physical environment in which we live plays a major role in our well-being, independence and comfort. A good living environment - both in private homes and in care homes - increases the quality of life even for those with age-related physical or cognitive difficulties.

The outdoor environment also has a major impact on health and the ability to spend time outdoors promotes a good life. We work with the landscape and outdoor environment to create accessible environments that promote movement and stimulate different senses.