The most sustainable house is the one already built - but is it used properly?

Society is constantly evolving. There are more people, habits change, demands and wishes shift. This means that the needs for premises and buildings also change over time. For us at FOJAB, the obvious solution is not to build new buildings. Our mission as architects is just as much about being advisors to adapt existing buildings to new needs. We analyze conditions, identify values and develop the potential of what already exists.

We offer broad expertise and good local and market knowledge. We always work in close dialog and with knowledge and care for the customer's business. Together we find opportunities to take the current property portfolio into the future. Transformation also means an opportunity to upgrade with new technology, improve the indoor environment and reduce the climate footprint in operation.

We want to live as we teach and our own offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Helsingborg have previously been a bicycle factory, a knitwear factory and a private residence respectively. In Gothenburg we are housed in Hasselblad's old camera factory. Come in and see how we work with transformation!