Lunds Nation Landsarkivet

Lunds Nation Landsarkivet

Lunds Nation Landsarkivet

As general consultant, FOJAB has been responsible for the construction of new student housing in the Arkivet neighborhood in Lund. The project involved a careful rebuilding of the cultural-historical environment while adding another new building to the old ones.

FOJAB was responsible for the entire assignment as a general consultant and overall advisor, with the scope ranging from working on the amendment of the existing local plan to design, construction management and handover of the completed building.

The design work required considerable expertise in both historical and modern construction techniques. The oldest buildings date from 1903, with an extension in 1971, which has been converted into student accommodation. In order to cope with the heavy wear and tear from students, the choice of robust materials and low-maintenance solutions is also very important.

FOJAB also designed the outdoor areas around the student accommodation, in harmony with the existing environment. The areas facing the surrounding streets have been preserved as far as possible, while the inner orchard has been redesigned, inspired by its previous appearance.

The principle for the archive's garden has been to change as little as possible towards Dalbyvägen and Arkivgatan. Existing trees and cast iron fences have been preserved and supplemented with clipped beech hedges where there was a need to hide bicycle parking. At the same time, as much as possible of the character of the courtyard and its lush orchard has been preserved.

The courtyard plays an important role in bringing together student activities in the four buildings. The former patio in the north-west corner has been preserved and a new raised terrace has been created in the south, connecting to the two-storey community room in building D. A winding path has been created across the courtyard, allowing movement in the green space.

Region Skåne Architecture Prize 2015

Facts and figures

Project name
Lunds Nation Landsarkivet

Lunds Nation Arkivet AB


Renovation and new construction, about 120 student housing units

Completed, 2014

Contact person
Mattias Hedberg Ek
+46 702 - 18 43 32

Project team

Mattias Hedberg Ek
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Assignment

Lars Palm
Architect SAR/MSA

Sara Ericsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Helena Brunsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Lars Nilsson

Annegret Nilsson
Architect SIR/MSA

Caroline Hertzman
Landscape architect LAR/MSA, Deputy studio manager

Helena Bülow-Hübe
Head of Environment and Energy, Dr. Techn.

Maria Listrup
Architect SAR/MSA

Paul Eriksson
Architect SAR/MSA

Oliver Gras
Architect SAR/MSA, DPLG

Mats Norrlid
Architect SAR/MSA

Ville Hising
Graphic designer, Webmaster

Felix Gerlach