We create interior environments that stand the test of time, that contain something extra and that show concern for people and the environment.

We attach great importance to adding values such as sensuality and comfort - what creates environments that bring us together. People feel good about spending time in beautiful environments!

In a rapidly changing world, we see an increasing need to transform existing premises. In these buildings, the internal perspective comes into focus. What are the possibilities here, what will the environment be used for? We find the smart floor plans that don't require a major renovation. We investigate and redistribute spaces so that they are suitable for a changed way of working. We assess whether materials, finishes and fixtures can live on in a renovation. We determine whether furniture is worth reusing or recycling.

Offices, workplaces and new ways of working have driven much of the development of interior design for many years, and will certainly continue to play a prominent role. But we also see that hybrid work, housing and changing lifestyles give us new conditions to work with. With an aging population and neglected care and school environments, we also see a huge need for improvement of both buildings and interiors.