Restaurang Johan P

Restaurang Johan P

Restaurang Johan P

We have given the classic Malmökrogen Johan P's dining room a new design. Ten years after the restaurant landed at the address, it was time for an upgrade of the dining room. The task was to revitalize the parts of the dining room that were difficult to occupy, to enhance the experience and make the room feel more cozy and luxurious. The bar was moved to a more central location, giving a more continental feel to the room and making it easier for staff to work. The mural on the walls was created by Malmö-based artist Anni Tuikka, who also did the original paintings ten years ago.

Facts and figures

Project name
Restaurang Johan P

Johan P


300 sqm

Completed January 2024

Contact person
Carl Kylberg
+46 709 - 90 30 10

Project team

Project architect
Carl Kylberg
Architect SAR/MSA, Office Manager Malmö

Supervising architect
Tobias Henriks
Architect SAR/MSA