We believe in creating a society that is for everyone and where architecture can contribute to healthy environments for patients and workplaces to be proud of.

All citizens have a relationship with healthcare and have visited healthcare facilities at some point in their lives. Our ambition is to use architecture to de-dramatize, clarify and make the experience professional and caring. Human needs are always at the center of our creation and we combine architecture with practicality.

At FOJAB, we have many years of experience in planning and implementing renovation and new construction of complex healthcare buildings. We have done everything from real estate development plans for hospital areas to the design of large healthcare buildings.

By understanding the complexity of healthcare buildings and the needs of healthcare both now and in the future, we can create robust building structures that can cope with new technologies and needs. Adding flexibility and generality early in the design process means that we always work with a cost consciousness to enable the premises to change over time with small adjustments.