The city of the future is green and blue, an interwoven and inviting habitat for people and animals. We create inspiring environments with a curious eye and broad knowledge.

Our focus is on strong ideas and concepts with a sense of place and the people who will live there. We develop structures that last over time and have a high degree of feasibility. We work in an evidence-based and research-oriented way with a great understanding of the complexity of the assignment.

We offer complete expertise in urban planning, from sketches and studies to formal master and detailed plans. We move comfortably at all scales and stages from master planning, via structural plans down to minor supplements and additions to existing environments. We have experience of environments with great cultural-historical values. We work with reuse within urban structures and with green and blue structures that increase biodiversity, urban resilience and the quality of life of residents.

The city is best shaped together. We work closely with customers, specialists and citizens using a method based on dialog and participation. We are used to leading processes, balancing interests and guiding projects forward with an understanding of the perspectives and needs of different parties. Together we find solutions to the challenges of our time and create environments that promote participation, safety, movement and community.

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