At Jägersro in Malmö, a new district will be built with room for 5000 homes, workplaces, shops, schools and preschools. FOJAB is preparing the structural plan for what will be the most sustainable district in the Öresund region.

Many Malmö residents have a connection to and memories of Jägersro. Several of the historical structures from the old racetrack are preserved, but are given a new content, thus helping to shape the identity and history of the new district. Jägerspark will be a healthy, urban neighborhood with historical elements in a modern style.

The structure plan adds several new values, routes and functions to eastern Malmö. The urban development concept focuses on three streets that connect the district with surrounding areas, and which meet in a large central park. An urban street becomes the commercial focal point of the district with shops, services, bazaars and flea markets. Urban villages with bustling alleys and greenery allow for meetings and local community.

Jägersro will be a climate netural neighborhood built to withstand both 100-year rainfall and an average temperature increase. Greenery on the doorstep encourages sustainable choices. Sharing of box bikes makes it easy to leave your car behind and bring goods from the delivery pool to yourself and your neighbor. The greenhouse can be combined with a study and work hub where it is easy to study or work from home and network across generations. The schools in the district are located next to the park or natural area to the east, providing attractive, quiet and safe environments.

Facts and figures

Project name



About 4000 homes, about 20 000 m² GFA Retail, about 15 000 m² GFA Offices, two primary schools, five kindergartens.

Parallel assignment 2021, ongoing work with in-depth master plan

Contact person
Magdalena Hedman
+46 708 - 47 05 50

Project team

Project architect
Magdalena Hedman
Landscape Architect LAR/MSA, Marketing Manager, Urban Development Manager

Urban development/planning architect
Åsa Samuelsson
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of FOJABlab

Supervising architect
Joanna Attvall
Architect SAR/MSA, Quality and environmental management officer

Concept and visualization
Mikael Pettersson
Architect SAR/MSA