Designing citizens' common spaces comes with a special responsibility. We create welcoming places with a clear identity and an architecture that moves people.

In public buildings such as community centers, libraries and courthouses, everyone should feel welcome, no matter who they are. A safe place where people are treated with respect. We believe that good environments and experiential architecture are a democratic right. And that good architecture in turn contributes to a democratic society.

Through the physical built environment, we can influence people's lives and the development of society. Buildings create the conditions for interaction between people, they enable activity and engagement, they can strengthen democracy, diversity and equality.

Public buildings, with their advanced content and high security requirements, are challenging in their complexity. The buildings are often located in strategic positions in the city and become focal points for citizens and visitors to orient themselves around. They should enrich the place and give it an identity, be a brand for the city. The level of ambition for the design is high and we attach great importance to ensuring that the core ideas permeate the design down to the smallest detail.