Göta Hovrätt och kammarrätten

Göta Hovrätt och kammarrätten

Göta Hovrätt och kammarrätten

A court building with strong character and dignity that takes advantage of the location and urban space by Lake Munksjön.

Following a parallel assignment, Castellum, in collaboration with the Swedish National Courts Administration, chose to proceed with FOJAB's proposal for the new court buildings in Jönköping for the Göta Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court of Appeal. A unanimous jury emphasized the strong architectural design and the qualities of the urban space.

FOJAB has extensive experience of working with court buildings and the special functional requirements associated with this type of project. This, combined with a strong design, has paved the way for a high quality court building.

The new Court of Appeal building fits into the existing structure and connects the buildings along the western shore of Lake Munksjön. The building volume is built up with different scales in relation to its context and the surrounding urban environment.

The building is set back from the site boundary, creating areas for the public to stay and move around the new court of appeal. The urban spaces are also activated by distributing several different entrances around the building, creating life and movement.

The façade is designed with light sand-colored vertical and horizontal elements. The vertical elements limit direct solar radiation and reinforce the design of the building. The building has been specifically designed with the availability of daylight and the high environmental ambitions in mind. The building is designed to meet the requirements of the Miljöbyggnad Level Gold certification system.

Facts and figures

Project name
Göta Hovrätt och kammarrätten



8 650 m²

Completed in 2023

Contact person
Kjell Adamsson
+46 708 - 83 80 82

Project team

Kjell Adamsson
Architect SAR/MSA, Business Development Manager, Deputy CEO

Stefan Johansson
Architect MSA, Creative Director

Mikael Pettersson
Architect SAR/MSA

Jonas Ruthblad
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager