Architecture matters. The physical built environment in kindergartens, schools, universities and colleges can act as a pedagogical tool and catalyst for learning and development.

At FOJAB, we are a team of architects who develop ideas and thoughts about future learning environments for children, young people and adults. We create social architecture where human needs are at the center.

We have long and broad experience in investigating and managing assignments for all types of knowledge environments and laboratory facilities for academic education. Designing school buildings and knowledge buildings is a long and complex process with many stakeholders. That's why we like to work together, close to the client and the business. To help us, we have various process models that create idea development, participation and provide an opportunity for anchoring from start to finish.

Our focus is to create cohesive environments, cross-border meeting places and an efficient use of space with opportunities for co-use of activity-specific premises. We create school buildings that enrich places and give them an identity with sustainable and lasting solutions in a changing world.