Mörrums skola

Mörrums skola

Mörrums skola

Mörrums skola is a primary school for grades F-6 with 630 pupils. The school is located in the center of Mörrum and is an important meeting place for the local community. The project has had a strong focus on dialog with politicians, officials, educators and students. Early in the project, a project vision was developed that has guided the project throughout the process. It emphasized the importance of the child perspective permeating the design of the physical environment.

By gathering the activities in smaller interconnected two-story volumes, the school building interacts with the existing small-scale buildings in Mörrum and suddenly the large building volume is transformed into the children's scale. The facades are in sinusoidal profiled sheet metal that alludes to the classic falu red cottage in Blekinge. In front of the school building is a generous and welcoming entrance deck with several exterior entrances to both the first and second floors. There is a closeness between outside and inside and the project's motto has been: When you open the door, you have arrived!

Inside, the school building has an experiential learning environment consisting of a palette of different sized rooms and different types of rooms. There is a variation in room volume that creates both safe corners and social micro places. The aim has been to have zero tolerance for corridors - everything should be a learning environment. There are seven home areas in the school building where the school and after-school activities can jointly use all areas. On the second floor, with a fantastic view, are the workshops for arts and crafts, music room, library and canteen. The school is shoe-free and great emphasis has been placed on creating well-functioning flows between inside and outside and between the dormitories and the common areas, without unnecessary running through the quieter parts of the school.

Sports hall
Alongside the school building, a full-sized, divisible sports hall is being built that can be shared in the evenings and weekends by the culture and leisure administration and the municipality's sports clubs. The sports hall has the same design as the school building and a welcoming main entrance facing Mörrum.

The schoolyard is designed according to the children's wishes. For a whole semester, the pupils worked on their thoughts and ideas about the "Dream Schoolyard of the Future". All ideas were presented with drawings, films and physical models that then formed the basis for the design of the schoolyard.

Dialogue with children
Under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have the right to have a say in matters affecting them and to have their views taken into account. In the fall of 2022, we conducted a walk with students in Mörrum to find out how they feel about their new school. We wanted to hear the children's views on what works and what doesn't, if they have suggestions for improvement, how they experience and use different parts of their school. All this feedback will help us make sure we've got it right and understand what we can do better next time. Another goal of the walk was to increase children's interest in architecture and create positive feelings about how to use their influence.

Facts and figures

Project name
Mörrums skola

Karlshamns kommun / JSB


School building 8500 m² BTA, Sports hall 1350 m² BTA

Completed, 2022

Contact person
Charlotte Kristensson
+46 727 - 18 88 44

Project team

Project architect
Charlotte Kristensson
Architect SAR/MSA

Managing architect, program document
Kristina Kember
Architect SAR/MSA

Managing architect, system document
Nils Philip Påhlsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Managing architect, construction document
Jens Dymling
Architect SAR/MSA

Rebecca Almström
Structural engineer

Stina Yderland
Structural engineer

Alper Sjöstrand
Construction engineer, Control officer

Lars Nilsson

Haydar Alward
Architect SAR/MSA, Deputy Studio Manager

Project architect landscape
Emilie Östberg
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Responsible interior designer
Åsa Jönsson
Architect SIR/MSA