Sketch and design

Concept and outline of ideas

With a sense of the place and the people who will live there, we work at an early stage on concepts and conceptual sketches for the development of large areas or individual properties. Our ambition is to create a solid foundation for each project and that the concept and idea sketch will permeate the work on the project from start to finish.

Outline study and structural sketch

Using the sketch as an investigative tool, we examine the existing qualities of the place where we work, and possible development scenarios. Our work is evidence-based and research-oriented, with a great understanding of the complexity of the assignment.

We develop structures that last over time and with a high degree of feasibility. We move at different scales and deal with complex contexts, always with curiosity and sensitivity.

Design proposals

Design is central to our work; it permeates everything we do. Our collective expertise enables us to produce design proposals for buildings, places and paths. This can, for example, be compiled in a design program and become part of a detailed plan document.

Architecture program

When working on architectural programs, we start with existing architectural qualities and how these can be developed, as well as desired future architectural qualities. We link the work to the challenges of our time and create environments that promote participation, safety, movement and community.