General and detailed planning

Municipality-wide and in-depth master plans

When working on municipality-wide master plans, we develop a vision and overall goals for the municipality's comprehensive planning, and propose development strategies and concrete development areas. We sketch building structures as well as green and blue structures. The work is done in close dialog with the municipality and with experts in various fields. Together we lay the foundation for long-term sustainable development.

When working with in-depth master plans, we investigate a smaller geographical area; based on the existing qualities of the site, we analyze future needs and wishes and develop proposals for possible development.

Planning strategy

In close dialog with the municipality, we make an analysis and assessment of the validity of the current comprehensive plan. We identify which parts of the comprehensive plan may need to be revised and suggest what the municipality should focus on in its continued work on comprehensive planning.

Planning program and detailed plan

We prepare formal planning documents for detailed plans, including planning programs. The work also includes sketch studies and proposals for new buildings, paths, sites and green and blue structures.

When drawing up a planning program, we work in an iterative process. This is often done through collaboration between the municipality, developers, property owners and experts in various fields. The program work includes analysis of existing conditions at the current location, identification of key issues, sketch studies and proposals for future physical structures.