Sport and movement play an important role for many people, both as a form of exercise and entertainment. We want to create the best possible experience and environments that contribute to good and equal public health.

We create functional and attractive places for athletes, for clubs and organizers, for spectators, service personnel and peripheral activities. We develop sports halls for school and recreational sports as well as large-scale sports arenas with high complexity of audience flows, food logistics, security and technology. We also work on facilitating movement in the urban environment, attracting more people to be physically active in everyday life and integrating physical activity into community planning.

Halls, arenas and outdoor environments for physical activity should be well designed and contribute to city life both in everyday life and at events. They are important meeting places and hubs in the city that can generate a basis for activities such as wellness, gym and rehab, restaurants, hotels and housing. They should also be designed to meet different needs and levels - from the elite athlete to the inexperienced exerciser.