We identify and develop the potential of existing properties that add value to both the property owner's business and the city.

We deal with complex structures that require innovative thinking, flexibility and clear supporting ideas. We work from vision to detailed solution, from sketch to concrete design and from planning to design, always in close cooperation with the property owner to make strategic decisions with a view to good design, long-term profitability and realistic feasibility.

We offer a good understanding of the economics and drivers of real estate projects, comparing project costs with potential revenues. We optimize architectural quality, function and customer benefit in relation to the current investment. We navigate the planning process and have expertise in process management, PBL, construction project management, general consulting and construction site monitoring. We take an active role in the municipal dialogue, where we drive, visualize, argue and convince.


With sensitivity to the needs and requirements of the property owner and its customers, we help to develop and strengthen the property owner's brand and identity. Even in the most ill-defined and complex projects, we find strong and sustainable solutions that interact with the project's underlying ideas and goals.