We are curious about the world around us and how our knowledge can be used to meet societal challenges. With a focus on people and with the support of digital tools, we work for a sustainable future.

We work actively and strategically with research, development and innovation. Throughout our development and innovation work, sustainability and digitalization run as a common thread.

To find new solutions to complex challenges and make the most of them, we like to collaborate with other organizations and professions in interdisciplinary teams. We collaborate with universities and research institutes for academic excellence and scientific basis, but also link up with different companies with whom we share values to address common challenges.

Our innovation work is based on a structured and inclusive environmental analysis that helps us interpret the world around us and identify future needs. We work systematically to capture ideas and take them from concept to reality in our areas of expertise, in the FOJABlab or in research and development projects. Employees can apply for funding for creative ideas and development from the FOJAB Foundation for Competence Development, and an annual Innovation Award is given to employees who have developed innovative ideas, solutions or methods.

Our ongoing research collaborations