For us, building conservation is about transforming what has already been built to meet contemporary requirements, wishes and values. It is as much a question of preservation as of development.

We see architecture and building conservation as a process, an ongoing transformation where tradition and innovation are intertwined. We strive to solve complex problems with interventions based on site conditions and restoration ideology, and in close dialog with all stakeholders.

We create cultural environments that are inclusive, stimulating and accessible, and that do not burden our common resources more than necessary. The sustainability work of the building service is about preserving and restoring, intensifying and optimizing, minimizing waste during renovations and using high-quality, well-proven materials.

We at FOJAB are building, landscape and interior architects specializing in qualified renovation, and with long experience of working in environments of cultural and historical value. Our focus area is buildings and environments that are classified as culturally valuable with the support of KML and PBL. We work with houses of all ages and styles, and with assignments of all scales. In addition to architectural assignments, we have great experience of the roles of general consultant and certified expert regarding cultural values.