We work for long-term sustainable development and are convinced that architecture can help solve societal challenges and create added value for everyone.

Together, we need to take action to rapidly reduce carbon emissions and find more solutions to the major social sustainability and public health challenges we face. Together, we need to think circularly at all stages, helping to reframe old truths and helping to coin new concepts and approaches. We take this very seriously.

We design buildings, places and communities that facilitate a sustainable lifestyle, increase safety and bring people together. With our architecture, we minimize climate emissions in both the construction and operation phases. This is a responsibility that is binding, but also a unique opportunity to drive progress.

Three aspects are central to us when we talk about sustainability in relation to our business: Use, Time and Resources. What we create should be used as much as possible for as long as possible with as small a footprint as possible. It is when these three interact that what we do becomes truly sustainable. Together with our customers, we make an assessment of the sustainability potential of each individual assignment, which then forms the basis for goal formulation, decisions and evaluation.

Read more below about our services and how we work for multi-use, love over time and the right material in the right place.

Our sustainability services