FOJAB wins competition for new block at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg, Sweden

FOJAB wins the architectural competition as Riksbyggen and Stena Fastigheter announced a proposal for 150 homes at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg. The focus of the proposal has been to achieve a playful and dignified neighborhood that creates attractive urban spaces and takes advantage of the unique location between the river and the city.

Masthuggskajen, the area between Järntorget, Långgatorna and Göta älv, is part of Älvstaden and one of Gothenburg's largest urban development projects. Masthuggskajen will be a place with contrasts and a strong connection to public life and culture around Järntorget, Långgatorna and Linnéstaden. A place that creates opportunities for people of different ages to meet, socialize and interact.

- We are extremely proud and happy to be involved in developing this expansive part of Gothenburg with six characterful buildings that contribute to vibrant and attractive urban spaces," says Joachim Lundquist, Head of Architecture and responsible architect at FOJAB.

The winning proposal, Masthuggsskäret, will be a playful and dignified neighborhood that stages the meeting between the high-rise buildings and the public terraces in Göta älv. The proposal includes more than 150 new homes, both rental apartments and cooperative apartments, as well as shops and restaurants, which will contribute to movement and urban life in the area. The design is based on six distinct buildings with a stepped form, which together form two families. The block's terracing and openings provide fantastic views of the river. The neighborhood also has several small squares with restaurants and cafés, both towards the water and the city.

The courtyard takes inspiration from the archipelago and becomes green and vibrant. An arcade encloses the courtyard, creating quiet and sheltered spaces where residents can meet, while passages and porticos allow visitors to move easily through the neighborhood.

The facades are designed with brick and elements of steel and wrought iron that tell the story of the neighborhood and its location. Terraces and passages have wooden details that add warmth to the design. The overall composition is austere, playful and varied, but perhaps most of all robust - a long-term sustainable architecture.

- Based on a strong idea, we have developed a project of high architectural quality. The block has a character and dignity that takes advantage of the unique location between the river and the city. The design tells a clear story and conveys the sensitive meeting between high-rise buildings, quay and piers," says Stefan Johansson, architect and creative director at FOJAB.


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