Masthuggsskäret is a residential neighborhood just north of Järntorget, at the very tip of Masthuggskajen. Masthuggskajen - a previously closed port environment - is being transformed - and Järntorget's role as the creative heart of Gothenburg will be consolidated. In addition, a new peninsula in the Göta Älv will finally offer Linnéstaden direct contact with the river, and the city will have a new quayside. At the far end of this peninsula are two residential blocks, the eastern one being Masthuggskäret.

Six distinct volumes form Masthuggskäret. The stepped form of the building creates a strong shape towards the river and meets the new skyscrapers of Masthuggskajen. Closest to the river, a free-standing harbor palace is formed within the block, whose release from the rest of the building creates exciting urban spaces, a square towards the moat and exceptional premises for restaurant and café activities. The block consists of two properties, and contains both condominiums and rental apartments - continuous penthouses as well as well-designed studios. Masthuggsskäret stages the meeting between city and river, and becomes a natural part of the new cityscape on the southern bank of the river.

Masthuggsskäret is located on the historic outskirts of Gothenburg, at a point where visitors once encountered customs and fortifications. Gothenburg's last remaining bastion can still be seen from the block's roof terraces. Right next to the peninsula, Gothenburg's iron scales used to be located, and in the moat, ships with building materials arrived at Röda Bryggan - named after the sand and red bricks that were stacked there waiting to be laid. The rich material history of the site is allowed to color the block, and wrought iron details are combined with red brick and brick in varying tones of straw and sand. The quay's stone flooring spills into the block in varied patterns and finishes.

The block's cross-section is a stylized archipelago cliff. As the peninsula is extended into the river, it is easy to create areas below ground level - and the courtyard can accommodate generous spaces for public or neighborhood functions. At ground level, the courtyard is surrounded by an arcade - a sheltered space that links housing with a laundry lounge, bicycle room and other common functions of the neighborhood.

Masthuggsskäret is a love letter to Gothenburg. In places where it blows and rains, intimate urban spaces become particularly important, and Masthuggsskäret creates several. Masthuggsskäret is a generous urban block at a new junction between river, city and harbor.

Facts and figures

Project name

Riksbyggen, Stena Fastigheter


12 300 m², 150 apartments


Contact person
Joachim Lundquist
+46 705 - 90 24 18

Project team

David Ottosson
Architect MSA

Erik Ljungberg

Ludvig Håkansson Orsvall
Architect MAA

Karin Andersson
Architect MSA

Sofia Fors
Landscape architect MSA

Stefan Johansson
Architect MSA, Creative Director