The city block Spårvagnshallarna is located by a pine forest and recreational area that extends from southern Helsingborg to Råå. Just outside is the harbor.

Here we develop, after winning parallel assignments, a new residential area that is flexible to the surroundings and meets the neighborhood in several scales. Two-storey townhouses connect to the older residential buildings in the south. Mid-rise residential buildings of 5-8 storeys face the forest in the east, and strong towers of 17-19 storey rental apartments rise towards the sound and harbor in the west. The pine forest is allowed to permeate the neighborhoods and additional trees are planted around the buildings to increase the presence of nature.

When fully developed, the blocks will house around 700 homes. The first to be built are two of the towers. As is the case with buildings that are visible from afar, extra care has been taken to ensure that the design ends with the sky. The residential towers, with their glittering balconies, are a new feature of the port environment. At this height, only cranes and silos are visible against the sky. The towers are sculpted with chamfered walls that maximize the view from each balcony - function enhances form.

Each floor contains a mix of apartment sizes, from 1 to 4 rooms, all with wide views. Both ground floors offer generous foyers where there is plenty of space for residents to hang out and meet their neighbors, a sauna, and public spaces that open up the building to the surrounding area. The block also contains two archways preserved from the time when the site was a meeting point for the city's trams and buses. The arched halls served as tram and bus garages, respectively, and have today been renovated into garages for the apartments.

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Completed in 2022

Contact person
Joachim Lundquist
+46 705 - 90 24 18

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Project architect
Joachim Lundquist
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Architecture

Supervising architect
Mathias Åström
Architect SAR/MSA


Felix Gerlach