Kårhuset LTH

Kårhuset LTH

Kårhuset LTH

A new annual ring added to the existing building gives Kårhuset LTH a clear connection to Lund's knowledge route, a frontage towards the tramway and an openness towards the park.

Lund University of Technology is one of the largest faculties at Lund University. The student union building from 1994 is a common meeting place for all students at LTH, but is perceived as closed and inefficiently used with large communication areas and few outward-looking activities.

In our proposal, a wood and glass extension of one to two floors is placed in a wreath around the existing brick building - like a new annual ring. The extension will house functions such as a restaurant, café, student office and parts of LTH's office. The Technologist Corps will be housed in the basement floor. The banquet hall is also located here and the pub will be moved here from one of the upper floors, so that it has a direct connection to the park and the rest of LTH, and can be better utilized.

Today, the student union building turns its back on the tram stop outside. Our proposal creates a new front where the closed facade opens up with a new entrance, restaurant and café. The building also becomes more accessible to the park thanks to the glazed extension and more entrances in strategic locations. If the south side facing the tramway is more urban and hectic, the park side is more peaceful as a continuation of the park's green spaces.

The increased openness and accessibility both internally and externally means that Kårhuset becomes a clearer part of the Knowledge Route, which extends from the center via LTH and out to Science Village and ESS.

Our proposal was not selected in the parallel mission.

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Project name
Kårhuset LTH

Akademiska hus



Not implemented

Contact person
Stefan Johansson
+46 706 - 64 23 02

Project team

Ludvig Håkansson Orsvall
Architect MAA

Mikael Pettersson
Architect SAR/MSA

Stefan Johansson
Architect MSA, Creative Director