The Drottningen office building is a landmark in Helsingborg and marks the start of the transformation of the Drottninghög district. The Drottningen parking garage frees up land area that enables densification of the district. FOJAB has designed the buildings and also worked with tenant adaptations, land environment, detailed planning, traffic issues and environmental and energy issues.

Neighbourhood in transition
Drottningen adds new workplaces and new public spaces, injecting new life into the district. For the first time, Helsingborg will have a public restaurant and conference floor at high altitude with views of the city, Öresund and the Kulla peninsula. By building a new bright and safe parking garage, the previously dark and unsafe surface parking lots are released and the area can be densified. The ground floor of the office building has large window sections for views and insight, as well as public premises with a café and bicycle shop. The buildings' active ground floors contribute to life and movement, and the intersection between Regementsvägen and Vasatorpsvägen becomes a new node in the area. Drottningen and the Drottninghög district were part of Helsingborg's H22 housing fair.

Office with a view, secure parking garage
Drottningen's office space is conveniently sized and flexible in use. Large glass panels and high ceilings provide bright spaces and a view that stretches for miles. The premises have a calm and sober material palette. The parking garage is conveniently located directly adjacent to the office building. Roof areas that can be seen from the upper part of the office are covered with sedum roofs and beehives with local honey production. The parking garage offers a good parking comfort without steep ramps and uses inclined planes. The parking garage is designed for security with glazed stairwells that provide luminous lanterns both externally and internally. The garage entrance has a roller grille with good visibility into the car park and light spreads outwards. Walls and ceilings are painted white to provide a bright and safe experience, as well as background walls and lighting that increase comfort and guide visitors. Environmental and energy issues have been very important and the office building will meet a level equivalent to Miljöbyggnad Silver. The parking garage will have both charging points for electric cars and space for a car pool.

Sober office, playful parking garage
The Queen's Office Building is a sleek and stylish high-rise. The materials on the ground floor are elegantly polished terrazzo in the base and oiled oak at the entrances, which gives a warm feeling. The white high-rise and the black low-rise are contrasting in color but are linked by architectural approach, material selection and detailing. Aluminum parapet panels accentuate the window openings and provide a connection to the undulating aluminum facades of the parking garage. The parking garage has more playful facades with large windows, solar cells and undulating white aluminum facades. At ground level, the facades have heat-treated pine wood illuminated with light ramps and display cabinets. The display cabinets activate the street space and the lighting provides a safe evening environment. A large green facade with wooden slats, plant boxes and birdhouses has climbing wildfowl climbing on locally recycled stair railings. The green facade is beautifully pattern-lit in the evening. All materials used, both inside and out, are hard-wearing, durable and sustainable.

Facts and figures

Project name

Stenströms, Helsingborgshem och Peab


About 15 300 m²

Completed in 2022

Contact person
Anders Eriksson Modin
+46 703 - 08 23 96

Project team

Anders Eriksson Modin
Architect SAR/MSA, Sustainability Manager

Helena Bülow-Hübe
Head of Environment and Energy, Dr. Techn.

Henrik Laurino
Architect SAR/MSA

Jonas Ruthblad
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Ludvig Håkansson Orsvall
Architect MAA

Magdalena Stefanowicz
Architect MSc, Environmental and energy engineer

Maja Linse
Architect SAR/MSA

Sara Mårtensson
Structural engineer

Ylva Petersson
Landscape architect