Training center in Tanzania begins to take shape

A new training center for farmers will soon be completed in Tanzania. This is after a project competition organized by Engineers Without Borders and Architects Without Borders. Engineering and architecture students at LTH collaborated to design a center with space for both educational facilities, common rooms and housing. FOJAB arkitekter sponsored the competition, which took place in spring 2016.

In addition to the sponsorship, Elise Lundahl, architect at FOJAB arkitekter, participated as supervisor to the winning team. The team, which consisted of Axel Stolt, intern at FOJAB architects, Alexander Rundlöf, Henning Stenbäck and Petter Streijffert presented an idea and drawings for a training center that, when fully developed, can accommodate 100 student farmers. The site of the center is located in northwestern Tanzania in the Karagwe region. The organization Kaderes, which works to develop and improve the lives of farmers in the region, will construct the building.

- Given all the uncertainties about the conditions, we worked primarily on the basis of an idea and a principle about how to arrange the buildings rather than a detailed solution. Now we take the project further, and look forward to seeing the education center take shape in Tanzania, says Axel Stolt, a student at LTH and now an architectural intern at FOJAB arkitekter.

This summer, the winning team will travel to Tanzania to hand over the proposal to a local architect and designer. It is hoped that the Kaderes organization will now have sufficient funding to begin construction.