Meet FOJAB in Almedalen!

Innovation power, climate neutrality, future workplaces and knowledge environments, strategic spatial planning, digitalization and automation, buildings and environments that touch and enrich ...

This year we come to Almedalen full of insights and experiences that we are happy to share - but above all we are curious about you, all you can do and all you can teach us. FOJAB is represented by eight architects at Almedalen this year. Feel free to book us for meetings, dinners and mingling - or grab us when you see us in the crowd!

We who are there:

Kjell Adamsson - Deputy CEO and Business Development Manager
Architect focusing on early stages, strong ideas and development of new projects in close dialog with our clients. Runs complex projects with a particular focus on legal buildings. Happy to talk about how we as architects can contribute with value-creating and profitable projects that last over time.

Mobile phone: +46 708 – 83 80 82


Anders Eriksson Modin - Head of Development
Architect with a special interest in mobility and the workplace of the future. Drives FOJAB's strategic sustainability work and is involved in LFM30 where Anders leads one of six working groups focusing on climate-neutral building materials. Likes to talk about the future, sustainability and climate neutrality.

Mobile phone: +46 703 – 08 23 96


Petra Jenning - Innovation Manager
Architect with a special focus on development and innovation. Leads FOJAB's R&D initiatives and has a special interest in digitalization and automation in construction and architecture. Petra guest blogs for Architects Sweden and likes to talk about the future, innovation, LCA, reuse and digitalization.

Mobile phone: +46 722 – 36 12 44


Charlotte Kristensson - Competence Area Manager - Knowledge Environments
An architect who is passionate about developing ideas about future knowledge environments for preschools, schools, universities and colleges. He likes to talk about strategic local planning for community properties, dimensioning according to the curriculum, social sustainability and school buildings that enrich places and create identity.

Mobile phone: +46 727 – 18 88 44

Carl Kylberg - FOJAB Malmö office manager
Architect who has worked extensively with offices and relocations. Likes to discuss the workplace of the future.

Mobile phone: +46 709 – 90 30 10


Jens Larsson - Market Area Manager Stockholm
Architect with a focus on early stages in all fields that build the attractive city. Creates, develops and implements imaginative projects together with our clients. Likes to talk about the outside world and project opportunities and how we can create value together in the form of fantastic architecture.

Mobile phone: +46 761 – 65 61 63


Johanna Raflund Tobisson - Competence Area Manager for Community Properties, specialist in healthcare buildings.
Architect with a focus on social architecture. Leads FOJAB's investment in community properties with expertise in educational environments, legal buildings, healthcare buildings and housing for the elderly. Likes to talk about change and improvement work in healthcare and project opportunities with sustainable and permanent solutions in a changing world.

Mobile phone: +46 724 – 02 26 35


Ylva Åborg - Office Manager FOJAB Stockholm
Architect who is passionate about developing existing environments. Has extensive experience in real estate development with many different types of programs and content from urban development vision to tenant adaptation. Likes to talk about reuse, climate neutrality and social sustainability.

Mobile phone: +46 707 – 95 08 80