FOJAB's proposal wins in the development of garden city

FOJAB's proposal will form the basis for the development of Berga trädgårdsstad, a new district in Eslöv. Three architectural offices were invited to develop proposals for the first phase of Östra Eslöv in parallel.

Based on Eslöv's identity, the task was to develop a structure for the new district in the form of a garden city with a focus on sustainability. The total area is 37 hectares and the current phase covers 45,000 square meters.

The garden city developed in the UK in the early 20th century as a response to overcrowding and ill health. The idea was to combine the best of urban and rural life in a planned and welcoming area. Among the most famous examples in Sweden are Gamla Enskede in Stockholm and Änggården in Gothenburg.

The winning proposal for Berga Garden City is characterized by sustainability, social community and good architecture. Åsa Samuelsson, architect at FOJAB, describes the key ideas:

- Our proposal is based on the small-scale urban nature of the garden city with a variety of green spaces and meeting places. Here it is easy to live a sustainable everyday life with generous cultivation opportunities, convenient bicycle paths and proximity to everyday functions such as preschool, recreation and services. We want to build on the local commercial functions and create a small district center that will be a new clear entrance to Berga garden city.

FOJAB's proposal will form the basis for the continued development of the structure plan for Berga Garden City. Among other things, the structure plan will provide a picture of how the entire area should be developed and form the basis for future detailed plans in the area.