FOJAB architects win awards

The architects Cecilia Pering, Hans Ödman and Claudia Meirama (posthumously) of FOJAB arkitekter have been awarded the Lund City Planning Prize 2010 for the Västerport office building in the Spettet district of Lund.

- The location of the Spettet block, next door to Lund's police station, presented challenges, partly because the buildings in the block are of varying types and scales. "It was an interesting project to be involved in developing, and it feels great that it has been recognized," says Cecilia Pering, architect at FOJAB and winner of the award.

The award was presented at a ceremony in the Stadshallen on December 16 with the following explanation:

"The Lund City Planning Prize 2010 is awarded to the architects Hans Ödman, Cecilia Pering and Claudia Meirama - FOJAB Arkitekter, who have made a meritorious contribution to the development of the cityscape in Lund municipality through the construction of a new office building in the Spettet block next to the police station. Claudia is awarded the prize posthumously.

The architects have designed a building whose elaborate volumes, understated form and beautiful details interact well with the surrounding buildings, while the white color creates an interesting contrast to the environment. Together with the adjacent buildings, the building forms a beautiful urban space while providing an appealing view for those traveling west from the West Station."

The Lund City Planning Prize is awarded to buildings that have made a meritorious contribution to the development of the cityscape. The prize money is SEK 30 000. The prize has been awarded since 1990 when it was donated to the municipality by LKF in connection with the city's millennium celebrations. It has been awarded 18 times and this is the fourth time that architects at FOJAB have received the prize.