FOJAB develops the structural plan for central Nacka

FOJAB has been commissioned to further develop the structural plan for the densification of central Nacka. In connection with the expansion of the metro, approximately 6,000 new homes are planned in central Nacka, as well as a large number of new workplaces and associated services. The assignment involves working with Nacka municipality to create opportunities for the creation of a dense, vibrant and sustainable city center. The work builds on the planning program developed for central Nacka. The structure plan will form the basis for future detailed planning.

- "This is a heavy and important project for the entire Stockholm region and an interesting and prestigious assignment for us," says Magnus Lundström, who is the responsible architect at FOJAB. Expectations are high. The structural plan will be made more detailed and precise enough to form the basis for further detailed planning. "We want to create opportunities for a vibrant city center in Nacka that is easily accessible on foot, by bike and by public transport. This is also a golden opportunity to heal existing areas and create a more cohesive and inviting city. A mission can't get any more fun than that!

Nacka is a municipality with great natural and cultural values. The new buildings must relate both to a dramatic topography with sharp differences in height, and to existing housing, businesses and infrastructure. There is over a hundred years of building history with different scales and content. The challenging topography has meant that the buildings are sometimes scattered and fragmented. It is important to link different neighborhoods into a coherent whole - to bridge barriers and create connections.

Many Nacka residents currently commute to Stockholm for work, often by car. The extension of the metro's blue line, via Södermalm and Hammarby Sjöstad with three stations in Nacka, is expected to be completed in 2025. According to Magnus Lundström, the densification of the center of Nacka means that Nacka provides a growing metropolitan region with a much-needed addition of new housing. It also means an opportunity for a more sustainable lifestyle.

- By creating more housing in the city center, where the metro and services will be located, car dependency will be reduced. More Nacka residents will be able to switch to more sustainable modes of transportation and live without a car. We want to provide the opportunity to live close to nature with urban qualities and are pleased to be entrusted with the further development of Nacka," says Magnus Lundström.

The scale and complexity of the project requires teamwork with several competencies at FOJAB, mainly in urban planning, building construction and landscape architecture.

- It is important for us to work in an evidence-based and collaborative way in this type of large urban development project, says Magnus Lundström. "We see that close cooperation between different competencies in complex projects leads to good results.

FOJAB, which has been at Stockholmsarenan since 2013, has several exciting urban development assignments in the Stockholm region, including in Norra Djurgårdsstaden and Sigtuna.