Cecilia Pering is the new chair of Sustainable Business Hub AB.

Cecilia Pering has been the new chair of Sustainable Business Hub AB for a few months now. The network works to strengthen the competitiveness of Swedish environmental technology and stimulate the development of sustainable societies.

The network brings together over 100 members from business, public sector and academia with technological solutions as well as ambitions for a more sustainable society. The Sustainable Business Hub provides members with a platform for innovation, development and business for sustainable solutions. By connecting urban challenges with academic and business solutions, the network helps to drive the development of sustainable societies forward.

Cecilia is an architect at FOJAB arkitekter with extensive experience as a project manager for large architectural assignments. She was previously CEO of FOJAB and is now active as a Senior Partner with a focus on strategic management issues.

- "I am delighted to be entrusted with this position and look forward to taking part in the innovation work going on in the region. I hope to contribute with my experience and support interesting projects in sustainable development," says Cecilia Pering.