Älmhult Building Prize 2011

Älmhult's Environmental and Building Committee has decided to award the Sauer Danfoss house on Skånevägen the 2011 building prize. The building was designed by FOJAB architects through Per Aage Nilsson, Niklas Sonestad and Bernt Borgestig.

The justification reads:
"With the construction of its office and company building, Sauer Danfoss demonstrates that it is possible to achieve a building of high architectural value with relatively simple means.

  • Through meticulous detailing and elegant coloring.
  • Through a window arrangement that is consistent with the division of the facade panels in the facade.
  • By designing the water drainage as an integral part of the facade.
  • By seeing the signage system as an important part of the whole, both in terms of size, color and placement.
  • Through the sparing use of color in the facade. Black on the outer shell and white as the façade folds into the building. Silver gray columns, water drainage and solar shading.
  • By elegantly linking the factory and office parts of the building.
  • By incorporating the solar shading as an integral part of the façade

Overall, the building is well coherent and contemporary in terms of architecture, color scheme and choice of materials."

The award was presented during the Älmhult Days on August 27, 2011.