Ålgräset 3 in Borstahusen receives Landskrona city's urban development award.

Landskrona city's urban planning committee has appointed the single-family house Ålgräset 3 in Norra Borstahusen as the recipient of the urban planning award 2019. FOJAB is the architect for both the house and the associated neighborhood.

Every year, the urban planning committee in Landskrona city selects a building to receive the urban planning award of the year in order to encourage developers and property owners to invest in good architecture with a high level of aesthetic ambition. This year, the committee has given the award to Ålgräset 3 in Norra Borstahusen.

- We are proud of the award! The architecture is a modern interpretation of the traditional Scanian small houses. We have worked a lot with the existing environment to make the houses fit into the picturesque Borstahusen. It's great that this is recognized and appreciated," says Joachim Lundquist, responsible architect at FOJAB. The prize was also awarded to Derome Mark och Bostad as project developer.

Justification of the Urban Planning Committee:
"Norra Borstahusen and Strandbyn are part of Landskrona's new urban edge. Between the older buildings, nature and the sea there is an interesting encounter that places special demands on the design. The property Ålgräset 3 is an excellent example of how traditional volumes, materials and colors can be used to create a natural context with the site. The inspiration from the structure, layout and design of the old fishing community is clear, but in a modern way. The sheltered courtyard is surrounded by hedges and complementary buildings architecturally well connected to the main building. The care taken in the architecture and the high quality continues in the design of the garden, where the choice of plants and materials gives a well-balanced, unified and exciting impression. Meticulously thought-out solutions both externally and internally make the building an extremely good example of how the original intentions for the district were set."