FOJAB, in collaboration with Berg Arkitektkontor, was awarded the winning proposal for the construction of Malmö FF's new football stadium Swedbank Stadion, later called Stadion.

The stadium in numbers:
The stadium is 27 meters high, 150 meters wide and 215 meters long. The playing field is 105 meters long and 68 meters wide. The stadium can accommodate 21,000 seats or 18,000 seats + 6,000 standing places, and 144 press seats. All sides of the stands consist of two levels, except for the north stand which has a standing area. On the short sides there are two big screens of 50 m² each and on the ground floor there is a 200 meter running track.

In addition to souvenir shops, kiosks, restaurants, offices and conference rooms, the stadium has 55 boxes and 2000 club seats. The "1910" restaurant on the north stand is one of the largest in Sweden with a capacity of 2000 guests.

2450 m² in the interior can be rented out to the Education Administration of the City of Malmö. A total of 420 students from various sports classes are trained in parts of these premises, including MFF's football academy.

Facts and figures

Project name



24 000 seats (allsvenskan), 21 000 (international)

Completed, 2009

Contact person
Per Aage Nilsson
+46 706 - 29 24 23

Project team

Per Aage Nilsson
Architect SAR/MSA

Alper Sjöstrand
Construction engineer, Control officer

Lars Aage Nilsson
Architect SAR/MSA