Tasteful interior reflects the food at Daniel Berlin's Vyn

Elegant and tasteful. Locally rooted with an international touch. Timeless, authentic and personal. Lisa Mannheimer, interior designer at FOJAB, describes the vision for Daniel Berlin's restaurant Vyn.

After an architectural competition, FOJAB was chosen to develop a design concept for a restaurant with an associated hotel and food bar on a converted farm in Österlen for restaurateur Daniel Berlin. FOJAB was then commissioned to continue working on the interior design by interior designer Lisa Mannheimer in close collaboration with Daniel Berlin.

- "Daniel's vision is to create a place for a complete experience, where of course the restaurant, food and service are in focus, but where the interior becomes an important part of the overall experience," says Lisa Mannheimer.

The hotel has 15 rooms, including two suites. The restaurant can seat 30 guests. There is also a food bar and a separate dining room for private parties. The material palette consists of beautiful, robust natural materials such as oak, limestone, linen and wool, chosen to match the location and the character of the buildings. The interior should last a long time, both aesthetically and functionally; sustainability is a given.

The walls are plastered white, the floor of wide oak planks gives an exclusive, friendly feeling. The wooden floor is also positive from an acoustic point of view, as it dampens sound in a natural way. In the ceiling of the former barn, which is now the restaurant's lounge, you can see the old shingle roof, which has been replaced in places with new shingles.

The interior feels warm, comfortable and personal. Art plays a prominent role, with the works of artist Ellen Ekh appearing in several of the rooms. Craftsmanship is a common thread throughout Vyn, where the food craftsmanship in the kitchen is reflected in the carpentry and details of the interior. The furniture for the restaurant is specially designed for Vyn by designer Anton Björsing, and manufactured in the Gärsnäs furniture factory a stone's throw from Vyn.