Grand Hotel in Lund's new verandas have been inaugurated

FOJAB arkitekter was commissioned to design the new verandas of the Grand Hotel in Lund. In close cooperation with Grand's owners, two new glass verandas, an outdoor terrace and a back pocket have now been built adjacent to Bantorget. The new verandas have been given their own character from the building and become a natural part of the adjacent square.

Grand Hotel is one of Lund's oldest and most classic hotels and also has a restaurant. The hotel was designed by the city architect in Helsingborg Alfred Hellerström and was built in 1896-98. The building and verandas have undergone several renovations over the years.

The assignment involved the addition of glass verandas, a back pocket and an outdoor dining area adjacent to Bantorget. The ambition has been to give the verandas a modern expression and functionality, while at the same time linking to the hotel's history and meeting the high requirements for antiquarian preservation. To support the careful handling of the building, FOJAB has collaborated with an antiquarian expert.

- An honorable and extremely interesting assignment. It is about preserving and modernizing, without destroying the historical values," says Mats Molén, the architect in charge of the project.

The verandas have high opening glass sections that create good contact with the patio and the square. In the western veranda, outside the Piraten foyer, there is space for a small stage. Large level differences in the ground gave us the opportunity to utilize the area and create a back pocket under the western porch. The back pocket will serve drinks to the outdoor terrace. Guests will be able to sit on wall-mounted benches with tables below the two verandas, as well as on an outdoor seating area facing Lilla Fiskaregatan.

The verandas are built with sustainable and character-building materials that age beautifully. The granite base interacts with the copper plate of the windows and the sandstone facade of the building. The verandas have their own character from the building and become a natural part of the square, creating movement in the surrounding urban spaces. At the same time, Bantorget is being rebuilt to be an inviting entrance to the city and contribute to a vibrant city center.

The working group at FOJAB consists of Mats Molén, Mikael Pettersson, Christina Sammer and Matilda Emgård.

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