Design of the new Nils Ericsonplatsen and Kanaltorget in Gothenburg.

Proposals are now being presented on how Nils Ericsonplatsen and Kanaltorget may be transformed in the future. On behalf of the City of Gothenburg, FOJAB has developed a program for the design of the sites, which is now presented to the public.

The central area is one of Gothenburg's most important urban development projects. Magdalena Hedman, commissioning architect at FOJAB Architects, describes how Nils Ericsonplatsen and Kanaltorget will be developed into attractive urban spaces with a clear identity and character of their own, which also meet the needs of many different target groups. Not least, they will be safe, welcoming and easily accessible exchange nodes for passengers using public transport.

- "These places have great potential to develop into some of the city's most beautiful meeting places with seating, greenery and water," says Magdalena Hedman. Nils Ericsonplatsen is one of the city's most important entry points and its design should be characterized by timelessness. It should offer experiences for passers-by that make it worth stopping here. It should also be a safe place that is easy to navigate.

Work is now continuing to gather feedback and to define areas where in-depth studies are needed:

- "This is an ongoing urban development project where it is important to show pictures of the proposals in order to get feedback and views on how to proceed," says Katja Ketola, project manager for the Central Area. "By being open about how we work, we actively engage in the conversation about the important places in the city, places that affect many people and that engage.