Continued confidence in BSK Arkitekter + FOJAB arkitekter in Skåne.

Region Skåne chooses BSK Arkitekter + FOJAB arkitekter for the next step in the development of Helsingborg's new hospital area. The project includes planning and design for the reconstruction of premises for surgery and imaging diagnostics as well as a service and logistics center.

The project, which is expected to last until 2022, represents an investment of SEK 4.5 billion. BSK Arkitekter and FOJAB arkitekter have already collaborated on the renovation of the hospital's main building to create modern wards. Now the two architectural firms' assignment is expanding to include the next part of the initiative.

- We are proud and happy to be entrusted with the continued development of Helsingborg Hospital to meet the needs of the future. The project places high demands on our ability to read and fit the architecture into the technical infrastructure of the buildings. There is a lot we have to take into account, not least the activities that are still going on in parallel with the rebuilding," says Anna Bergström, architect and vice president at BSK Arkitekter.

Anna Hjort, an architect and healthcare construction specialist at FOJAB arkitekter, has 25 years of experience in managing complex hospital projects. She describes the new assignment as having several elements, each of which poses particular challenges. Among other things, premises for surgery and imaging diagnostics will be rebuilt in stages in parallel with ongoing operations. The premises in the service center will be adapted to modern working methods and the new flows that arise as a result of the renovation.

- The overall goal is to support new workflows and logistics that allow healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients. "We and BSK Arkitekter have long experience of extensive and complex projects, and we know how to build well-functioning workplaces and healing care environments. The new hospital will be flexible and the business will be able to grow and change over time," says Anna Hjort, commissioned architect at FOJAB arkitekter.

For more information contact:

Anna Hjort
Architect in charge at FOJAB arkitekter.
+46 702 – 91 33 60

Stina Ljungkvist
CEO of BSK Arkitekter AB
+46 8 – 601 15 21