Vårdboenden i Helsingborg

Vårdboenden i Helsingborg

Vårdboenden i Helsingborg

The need for care homes adapted for people with dementia is growing in society. We are transforming care places that were originally built with somatic problems in mind into more dementia-friendly places. Our aim is for the physical environment to create the conditions for a better quality of life. 

The City of Helsingborg is working actively and innovatively to create a dementia-friendly environment for its residents, both in the public urban environment and in the city's nursing homes. FOJAB has been commissioned to redesign somatic spaces in a large part of the city's nursing homes to make them more suitable for residents with dementia, as the need for such spaces has increased. We are working on both the indoor and outdoor environments and the interaction between them.

In care homes, our work is about creating a physical environment that can support and facilitate orientation, independence and well-being. We ensure a safe and stimulating environment that is easily recognizable, so that residents feel free to move both indoors and out into the garden.

In the gardens, we work to create easily accessible orientation and elements that strengthen and stimulate the senses based on the concept of the Garden of the Senses. We do this with plants that smell and bloom throughout the summer, fruit and berries that can be tasted and sparkling water that you can listen to.

Indoors, we use color and light to guide people to the right place at the right time. We create a calm environment without overstimulation and avoid misleading reflections and patterns that can be intimidating and misinterpreted by people with cognitive impairment.

We work with the concept of a person-centered environment that focuses on people's capabilities, removing barriers, increasing quality of life, protecting privacy and supporting independence. We start from the question "what are your needs?" and keywords such as safety, homeliness, memory stimulation, recognition and a sense of freedom.

Facts and figures

Project name
Vårdboenden i Helsingborg

Helsingborg Stad


Renovation of six nursing homes


Contact person
Rebecca Saaby Mehlum
+46 706 - 81 58 30

Project team

Project architect
Rebecca Saaby Mehlum
Architect SAR/MSA, Office Manager Helsingborg

Project architect landscape
Caroline Hertzman
Landscape architect LAR/MSA, Deputy studio manager

Emelie Landström

Ylva Petersson
Landscape architect