Teaterparken is a centrally located park in Landskrona with historical roots from the time when the site was part of the defense facility around the castle. FOJAB's mission was to take a holistic approach to the park - to modernize it and make it more attractive.

The park has been partially refurbished over the years. There is a popular playground and, in connection with the city's 500th anniversary, a stage was built directly south of the theater building. Despite this, the park has been relatively little used. The site is also a low point in the city and has therefore been flooded during torrential rain.

FOJAB carried out everything from early sketches and conceptual work to the final system documentation. The park has been given a clearer structure with newly directed footpaths and more generous landscaping. Consideration has been given to the park's status as an ancient monument, but also to the requirement for more varied plantings to promote pollination. The park has been divided into five different parts with different characters: Bouleplatsen vid teatern, Gröningen, Horticultural Corner, Djungeln and Den Sekundära Entrén.

Bouleplatsen and Gröningen belong to the open part of the park. Free gravel surfaces around the Theater building allow for life and movement in all directions. The outdoor restaurant can use them for guests playing boules, but other activities can also take place. Classic steps lead down to the large green area. Fine seating facing south is created in the extended steps.

Gröningen also prioritizes freedom and space. The site can be used for a public event or other event. Another important function is stormwater management. The site is deep and has the capacity to retain water in a more refined way in case of heavy rainfall.

South of Gröningen is the Horticultural Corner. Here, fine plantings are created around the existing fountain in the classic manner. The site becomes a magnet that attracts people to the park in its southwest corner. In the Jungle, trees and a rich ground cover will be planted to increase biodiversity. Wooden walkways save the varied ground cover from being trampled.

The Secondary Entrance is an upgraded entrance to the park, which will be used more in the future when a new neighborhood develops just north of the park.

Honorable mention for the design of the Theater Park

Facts and figures

Project name

Landskrona Stad


17 000 m²

Completed, 2022

Contact person
Malin Ingemarsdotter Jönsson
+46 733 - 23 26 25

Project team

Malin Ingemarsdotter Jönsson
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Kalle Grunning
Landscape architect

Ylva Petersson
Landscape architect

Johanna Andersson
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Arne Mattsson
Tree specialist

Werner Nystrand