Sveavägen 44

Sveavägen 44

Sveavägen 44

More than 3,000 square meters of mountain nature in the heart of Stockholm. FOJAB created a wild nature park at Sveavägen 44 in Stockholm, which was later complemented by a rooftop pavilion.

Since the roofscape opened, crowds of people have been wandering the walkways and piers, mingling and hanging out at the bar. On summer evenings the queues are long, during the day and throughout the year the 3000 people working in the office building can take their sandwiches upstairs and enjoy the view.

The existing outdoor terrace has been supplemented with a pavilion building in wood and glass that can accommodate about 60 seated guests. The roof pavilion is an integral part of the facility with a wooden frame, sliding glass panels in solid wood and a light, floating roof. The pavilion stands in the landscape surrounded by the piers so that the floor continues in, with a projecting pergola reinforcing the lightness. With its 150 square meters, it can accommodate a really good mingle or 50-60 seated guests plus a bar and preparation kitchen. Several new toilets were also built, accessible to everyone on the terrace.

The initial idea was for the roof to be public and generous. An unusual idea in itself, turning a private property into a public space for part of the day.

Siena Prize 2015

Facts and figures

Project name
Sveavägen 44



about 3500 m²

Completed, 2016

Contact person
Sofia Fors
+46 706 - 16 89 50

Project team

Sofia Fors
Landscape architect MSA