Strukturplan Ljungskogen

Strukturplan Ljungskogen

Strukturplan Ljungskogen

Carefully placed in nature, in a subdued color scale and with the sea as a neighbor. FOJAB has designed an addition to the existing building structure in Ljunghusen, Vellinge. The proposal provides a mixed development with different types of housing with a total of 100 homes.

A starting point has been to preserve the natural landscape character of the area. The new development consists of terraced houses, multi-family houses and single-family houses, which are placed with great consideration for existing vegetation and ground levels. Consideration has also been given to future sea level rise by placing the houses partly on pillars. Wooden facades connect with nature and the color scheme is dominated by muted earth tones such as grey, brown and black.

The five apartment buildings will have three floors and a recessed penthouse, in broken volumes that create variation in the facade and provide views in several directions. Like the neighboring award-winning Opushusen, also designed by FOJAB, the apartment buildings are built on columns that give the impression of floating above the pristine landscape. There is parking underneath the buildings. By raising the building on pillars, all apartments can enjoy the view, while cars do not dominate the street scene. The area adds new qualities.

Green wedges run between the houses, which help to let nature, the sea and light into the area, while allowing existing vegetation to be preserved. The feeling should be that nature surrounds the houses and wanders into the gardens and between the houses. The small houses, with their 1-2 floors, connect to the scale of the existing residential buildings in the east. The houses are provided with terraces that take up the differences in level in the terrain and have only natural land between them.

The townhouses can be defined as a raised atrium with a walled garden. The social, public part is on the ground floor and an upper floor with private rooms, all with views of the sea. The townhouses are arranged in groups of five along the main street to the south, with views of the forest wedges.

In the northeastern part of the area, inside the embankment at the edge of the forest, a playground with a natural character is built. In the south, a park is designed as a clearing in the forest with a pond and a larger grass area for activities. The park is surrounded by a slope with seating and made accessible by bridges over the pond.

Facts and figures

Project name
Strukturplan Ljungskogen

AB Ljungskogens Strandbad

Ljunghusen, Vellinge

About 100 homes

Detailed plan sketch

Contact person
Magdalena Hedman
+46 708 - 47 05 50

Project team

Magdalena Hedman
Landscape Architect LAR/MSA, Marketing Manager, Urban Development Manager

Mikael Pettersson
Architect SAR/MSA

Haydar Alward
Architect SAR/MSA, Studio manager

Klara Stigner
Architect SAR/MSA

Stefan Johansson
Architect MSA, Creative Director

Caroline Hertzman
Landscape architect LAR/MSA, Deputy studio manager