FOJAB has expanded the Söderpunkten mall with new shops and restaurants and a 20-story golden residential building in one of the corners of the block.

The main entrance has been moved to a central location on the square, and the new shops and restaurants flock to the mall. On the large roof area, a new cinema palace with seven screens has been built, and the cinema audience becomes a natural part of the mall's visitors. This changes the main focus of the building from a mere department store to a place where people also go to participate in various events. In addition to retail and cinema, there are cafés, bowling and a sports bar, which activate the building both during the day and in the evening. The square is also activated by outdoor seating during the warm season.

The new high-rise contains shops and offices on the bottom five floors and housing on the top 15. In total, the building contains 83 apartments, most of which are small apartments. The tower has a playful facade with balconies that jump sideways between different floors to slightly reduce the monumental scale and verticality. The golden balconies have dense sides that create shelter high up.


Facts and figures

Project name

Jefast AB


Completed in 2023

Contact person
Staffan Premmert
+46 725 - 73 77 37

Project team

Staffan Premmert
Architect SAR/MSA, Senior Architect

Nina Torstensson
Architect MSA