Sigtuna Stadsängar

Sigtuna Stadsängar

Sigtuna Stadsängar

FOJAB is developing a new neighborhood with up to 1,000 homes in the Sigtuna urban area. The work consists of documentation for the detailed plan and follow-up to the implementation phase.

Sigtuna Stadsängar is an addition to Sweden's oldest city, which has left its mark on the design of the new district. The district is given a unique character reminiscent of the scale and spatial richness found in old Sigtuna. The district is also planned with high ecological and social sustainability goals.

Even though the planning of the new district takes place on previously undeveloped land, the project is based on Sigtuna's historical building structures and the qualities of the site. An urban environment is created that is unique and site-specific. The structure of the new district is based on the scale, character and property division we can see in historic Sigtuna and reinterprets it for today's requirements and wishes. Spatial experience and the scale and variety of urban spaces have been themes that have been continuously worked on in the process. While the structure, scale and urban spaces are reminiscent of historic Sigtuna, the aim is not to create a pastiche. The district should function and be designed according to today's requirements and the architecture is proposed to be contemporary, preferably forward-looking. The ambition is to create a sustainable city.

A number of sustainable solutions are included in the district, such as open stormwater management at district level with "rain gardens" in the street environment. A unique local heating system is planned with, among other things, 1000 square meters of solar collectors where 80 % of heat and hot water comes from solar energy. Both local and global projects for social sustainability are included in the development of the district and in the land allocation of the various blocks.

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Project name
Sigtuna Stadsängar

Sigtuna Stadsängar Exploaterings AB, bestående av Bonava och Sigtunahem



Contact person
Magnus Lundström
+46 727 - 17 31 12

Project team

Magnus Lundström
Architect SAR/MSA

Simon Kallioinen
Architect MAA, Lab director