The Hyllie Hybrid is a pilot project that pushes the boundaries of flexibility and multi-use to increase the lifespan of the building.

Today, our buildings basically serve a single function. A residential building is a residential building. An office building is an office building. Planning legislation and building regulations make it difficult to mix functions in the same property. As needs shift and the market changes, property owners find it difficult to adapt their building - with the climate being the big loser.

Hylliehybriden is a pilot project that challenges current regulations, economic models and the detailed planning process in order to increase the life of the building and thus its sustainability. The multifunctional building is the result of research and development work between the architectural offices FOJAB and smogstudio and the real estate developer Fler bostäder.

The building is exceptionally flexible thanks to a simple modular structure and rooms that meet all the requirements for housing, offices and hotels. The building can have multiple functions - simultaneously. Rooms can be assembled into larger or smaller units and easily changed over time and as needed. When the children have moved out, part of the apartment can be split off and rented out as an office, for example.

The building's framework is a strict and repetitive modular division for residential units of 55 sqm or office use with one or more merged modules. The dynamic of the hybrid concept lies in the interaction and variation over time between these functions. The idea is based on a more sustainable and flexible use of building structures both in new construction and in existing structures. The units are accessed from the attic corridor and can be joined together through prepared openings in the partition walls. In this way, the change of function between residential and office can be done in a controlled and predetermined way, always following the same principle.

At the same time, the Hyllie Hybrid adds new qualities to the site. The ground floor has high transparency with premises for trade and gastronomy. It also accommodates passage from Hyllie Boulevard through the building volume to more clearly connect to the city's neighborhood alleys, promote the flow of movement and counteract a closed neighborhood character.

The mix of activities provides good conditions for a vibrant neighborhood and meetings between people. The corner space has been designed as a public meeting place, a node in the city that creates identity and can be used by everyone. The ground floors have been designed to support a living city, sight lines and levels open up and create curiosity. The urban dimension of the building contributes to a robust and multifaceted community building.


Facts and figures

Project name

Fler Bostäder

Hyllie, Malmö

about 5500 sqm


Contact person
Joachim Lundquist
+46 705 - 90 24 18

Project team

Project architect
Joachim Lundquist
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Architecture

Supervising architect
Mathias Åström
Architect SAR/MSA

Supervising architect
Mattias Johansson
Architect MSA

Landscape architect
Josephine Philipsen
Landscape architect