Riksby idrottshall

Riksby idrottshall

Riksby idrottshall

Riksby Idrottshall is part of a larger detailed plan for Linta Gårdsväg in Riksby, right next to Bromma Airport. Linta Gårdsväg will be developed into a mixed neighborhood with housing, workplaces, schools and sports. On behalf of Hemsö, FOJAB has conducted the detailed planning work for the district's new sports hall in close cooperation with the City of Stockholm. Riksby sports hall will be a completely new place for sports and socializing with a main focus on girl-dominated sports.

The ground floor houses an ice rink specially adapted for figure skating with a foyer and stands for about 400 people, as well as side functions. The ground floor also houses two rooms that can either be linked to the business or stand alone. Additional premises can be accommodated along the main street.

The top floor is devoted to gymnastics, mainly team gymnastics, where the sloping roof provides ceiling heights of between about 2.4 and 14 meters. The floor is organized so that each type of exercise is given the right conditions and the area can be used to the maximum despite large differences in ceiling height. In the middle of the floor there is a social square where the practitioners of both sports can stay before and after training for homework, meals, etc.

Parking and access for approximately 70 cars is provided on a mezzanine level between the ground floor and the upper level.

The proximity to the airport has left its mark on the design of the hall. The total height of the building follows the obstacle limitation area and is limited to just under +21 m at the lowest point in the northeast corner and rises linearly to just over +35 m in the southwest corner. The north-eastern facade, which is otherwise parallel to the runway, is folded so as not to affect the radio waves of the approach systems.

The curvature of the rear creates an interesting link with the surroundings and follows the whole building around the ground floor. The upper levels are kept straight, to adapt to the cityscape and provide more efficient internal spaces. The two longest street facades are divided into two by a slightly deeper fold that cuts through the entire building, a "notch". These mark the entrances on the long facades.

The facade is created by an envelope of sheet metal sandwich elements covered with a wooden grid, which in turn is divided vertically and horizontally to create order, variety and rhythm. Large parts of the ground floor are glazed towards the main street, while the volume as a whole is more closed. A number of giant windows create views of the neighborhood while providing some insight into the building, full of life and movement.

Facts and figures

Project name
Riksby idrottshall



16 000 m²


Contact person
Jens Larsson
+46 761 - 65 61 63

Project team

Jens Larsson
Architect SAR/MSA, Market Area Manager Stockholm

Anna Belfrage
Architect SAR/MSA

Sanna Westin
Architect MSA

Malin Valušková
Architect SAR/MSA, M.Arch