Residenset Kristianstad

Residenset Kristianstad

Residenset Kristianstad

Residential set in Kristianstad has been renovated and adapted for new functions and tenants. The facades of the main buildings have been restored, the main entrance has been relocated and most recently the courtyard has been redesigned based on Renaissance ideals.

The Kristianstad residence was designed by architect Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander and built in 1857-1860 as a residence for the governor and with premises for the county administration. The residence was then expanded with, among other things, several floors. Since 1935 it has been a listed building.

Mattias Hedberg Ek at FOJAB was appointed in 2016 by the Swedish National Property Board as house architect for Kristianstad Residence. As house architect and general consultant, Mattias is responsible for the maintenance and development of the building. The work on the residence involves the gradual renovation of the building - which constitutes an entire block in the city - in order to gradually fill the building with tenants.

The focus is on preserving and utilizing the building's fantastic qualities, enhancing the property while meeting the requirements of a modern office building in terms of, for example, ventilation and acoustics. In recent years, the representation floor has been converted into office space, the facades of the main building have been plastered, the main entrance has been discreetly adapted for accessibility and historical lighting fixtures have been restored.

FOJAB was also commissioned to develop a new design for the Residence's courtyard. The previous design probably originated in the early 1960s, and changes and additions have been made since then. The building has served as inspiration for the new design, along with the needs of the courtyard today. The concept is based on the Renaissance ideal where building and garden interact and takes into account the symmetrical design and materials of the building. The courtyard will serve as a lovely break area for the residence's tenants and also houses bicycle parking and a new Renaissance-style green house.

A large central meeting place is bordered on two sides by symmetrical granite walls, perennial plantings and reflecting ponds. The meeting place is highlighted with a different ground material and a centrally placed care tree. Otherwise, the ground materials consist of reused paving stones from the site and a path with granite slabs to accessible entrances.

The staircase and ramp are adapted to create a more generous main entrance and to follow the new design language of the courtyard. Existing stone walls around the former staircase are preserved and create a frame around the new paved area in front of the entrance. Plantings from the 1937 relationship drawing are recreated along the facades.

The materials of the courtyard interact with the facade materials of the building. Walls, blocks and slabs are made of granite like the building's base. The light oak ribs of the benches speak to the light color of the facade and the bike racks, metal edge supports, handrails, fences and furniture details are painted in black-brown to tie in with the window color of the building facade.

Facade of the Year 2020

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Project name
Residenset Kristianstad

Statens fastighetsverk


Reconstruction of the main building and renovation of all facades


Contact person
Mattias Hedberg Ek
+46 702 - 18 43 32

Project team

Caroline Hertzman
Landscape architect LAR/MSA, Deputy studio manager

Ewa Jeppsson
Architect SIR/MSA

Mattias Hedberg Ek
Architect SAR/MSA, Head of Assignment

Ylva Petersson
Landscape architect