Rådhus Skåne

Rådhus Skåne

Rådhus Skåne

In 2010, Kristianstad Municipality and Region Skåne decided to co-locate their central administrations in the Kristian IV block. In the same year, FOJAB was commissioned by Kristianstad Municipality to be responsible for program work and architectural design of buildings, landscape and interiors.

The ambition was to preserve the exterior of the block as much as possible, combined with a radical redesign of its interior. The proposal preserved the scale and appearance of the block in relation to the surrounding streets, while changing the shape of the interior. The program requirements included modern and efficient office space for 700 people, a large number of meeting rooms and boardrooms, a new session hall for 300 people, foyers and a staff canteen for almost 300 people.

Sustainable natural materials such as stone, wood and copper were used to create character throughout the block, both externally and internally. The facades and internal columns are clad in travertine. Light ash is a common wood species on walls, floors and almost all of the furnishings.

In addition to the organization and design of the interiors, the interior design assignment included an extensive user process involving representatives from all departments and administrations. The modern open office should allow for good accessibility, openness and flexibility. At the same time, requirements for privacy for undisturbed work must be taken into account.

The house has been environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad with the rating Silver.

Building of the Year 2015.

Facts and figures

Project name
Rådhus Skåne

Kristianstads kommun/NCC


21 000 m²

Completed, 2014

Contact person
Greger Dahlström
+46 706 - 73 42 48

Project team

Greger Dahlström
Architect SAR/MSA, Senior Adviser

Cecilia Pering
Architect SAR/MSA, Senior Adviser

Ewa Jeppsson
Architect SIR/MSA

Henrik Laurino
Architect SAR/MSA

Kristina Freij
Higher education engineer

Lars Nilsson

Maria Listrup
Architect SAR/MSA

Mikael Pettersson
Architect SAR/MSA

Sara Schlyter
Landscape architect LAR/MSA

Åsa Swanberg-Lorentzen
Interior designer SIR/MSA

Felix Gerlach